Random Cam Story:

I remember very clearly the first time I got off with a girl on Chatroulette. I'd only gotten a laptop with a built-in webcam a few months earlier, so I was a little late to the game. There's a South Park episode that really does justice to the amount of dick you see on Chatroulette and my perception of the site didn't change when I tried it out.
Now to be clear, when I first went onto Chatroulette, it really was just to see what people had been talking about. I just clicked 'Start' and kept hopping from one 'Partner' to the next, content to browse and take in the sights. The idea of jerking off in front of a stranger was not something that I had in mind.
Or maybe to be more correct, the idea that you could go online, find a girl who was horny and wanted to fool around with you, seemed like a remote possibility. I mean I figured it did happen, judging just by the number of guys on Chatroulette who were looking for just that, but not all that often.
Still it was an idea that I found tantalizing. I knew I had a bit of a voyeur streak, but this was different. It was the concept of watching and interacting with someone that I found really appealing. It niggled away at me for weeks, until one night I just had to try my luck.
So I took my laptop, went upstairs and positioned it on my bed and stripped down, then got myself positioned so that it angled over my chest and crotch. I was horny, but that didn't mean that I was going plaster my face over the internet. I won't lie, I was nervous, but I was already hard at the thought of what I was about to do. Plus I thought I should make my intentions clear.
What followed was a long hour of pure frustration. I was now just another of those guy with his dick in his hand and I got about as much attention, as I had given any of them before. So I was on the verge of just calling it quits when I met her.
She was German. She was in her mid-twenties, with brown hair that came past her neck and a pretty smile. I couldn't see the rest of her face. What I could see were her breasts, large and round, with puffy nipples that were sticking out. She was sitting up in bed, topless, her laptop resting on her pink pyjama bottoms. She had a curvy figure, just the right side of plump, especially with those voluptous breasts. And she stayed to watch me.
I was hard. I was so hard just then that I was fit too burst and the sight of those tits made me gasp a little. But I held back and kepting stroking myself.
You: Do you like what you see?
Partner: Yes.
You: I like what I see to.
Partner: Thank you.
I turned slightly so that I could see the screen better and as I did she began to stroke her breasts. Gently running her hand across them at first, then squeezing them and pinching her nipples.
You: Are you horny?
Partner: Yes.
We watched each other for a minute or so, just like that.
You: Can I see the rest of you?
Partner. Yes, but not my face.
As she typed this she pushed her laptop back and pulled her pyjama bottoms off. She was wearing black cotton panties underneath. She slipped them off and then pulled up her knees and spread her legs. She was shaved except for a thin strip of hair running up from her clit and as I watched she slid one finger into her mouth and then ran it down to her pussy. She leant back and began to masturbate.
I felt a thrill rush through my body. My spine tingled and I arched my back a little to ease the tension in my cock.
You. I want to be there.
Partner: What would you do?
You: I'd begin by kissing your thighs. I'd start slowly, but each one would get me a little bit closer to you. Each one I'd linger a little bit longer before getting to you.
Partner: I like that.
You: Then I run my tongue over you. Over your clit. Into your pussy. I find every place that made you moan.
Partner: MMM
You: I'd move one hand up to your breasts. I'd squeeze them.
Partner: I want your mouth on my nipples.
This continued for half an hour. A back & forth of desire and filth. I told her how I would take her doggie style, my cock thrusting into her, one hand rubbing her clit, the other pulling her nipples. She told me how she wanted to taste my cock, to have it in her hands with her lips wrapped around it. I watched as she came. She watched as I did.
And that was the first time I was with a girl on Chatroulette. We actually chatted for a bit afterwards. I think we both needed to wind down.
I never got her name.

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